For any questions regarding myself, my services or anything else; please check the frequently asked questions below before getting in touch. You can also find my cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my appointments be held?
Appointments can be held either online or face to face depending on your preference. Face to face appointments are held at either Next Step Therapy, Gosforth High Street or Select Psychology, Dobson House, Gosforth. Home visit consultations may also be arranged however are subject to additional fees, please enquire further.
What are the local transport links?
Gosforth High street has number of bus routes running through, and is approximately 15 minute walk from Ilford Road metro or 20 minute walk from South Gosforth Metro. For more information please see
Where can I park?
There is free parking after 16.30 at the Gosforth Centre (Sainsbury’s) car park (Address: Saint Nicolas Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 1JZ. The car park closes at 21.00.
What should I do if I am running late or last minute emergency?
Please contact me directly on my mobile number on 07743546990.
Can I bring someone along with me to the session?
You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you. Please let me know in advance just so we can ensure there is sufficient seating.
Will my dietetic session be kept confidential?
Dietetic sessions are confidential, however there would be exception if you were to pose a danger to yourself or others, in which case the relevant parties would be notified.
What will happen in my first appointment?
At the initial consultation your Dietitian will explore your current issues, enquire about background history, current and past medical conditions, full nutritional assessment including diet history and establish the focus of dietetic support.
How do I pay for my session?
Payment is accepted by online bank transfer. Payment is taken upfront (48 hours before your first appointment). Subsequent appointments, payment is taken afterwards and should be made within 3 days of receiving the invoice. If payments are not received within the 3 days, then your Dietitian may put your next appointment on hold until payment has been processed.
What about Remote sessions?
Remote sessions are offered and each session is 50 minutes long. A Google Meet Invite link will be emailed to you beforehand. Please ensure you have a strong signal and if you are unable to connect during the consultation then you would still be charged for the session.
How many sessions will I need?
Fiona usually recommends between 4 and 8 sessions to allow the necessary time to provide psycho-education around food and health. This also gives time for the client to action and maintain the new skills they have developed throughout the sessions. Sessions are available face to face, via skype or by email, depending on the preference of the client.
How much does a session cost?
For online appointments, the initial consultation (up to 1 hour) costs £110. This includes a full dietary assessment and written documentation to GP along with liaison with other services (if needed). Follow up appointments (up to 1 hour) cost £90. For face to face appointments, the initial consultation is £120 for one hour, and review appointments at £105. (The higher fees are to reflect the room hire charges)
Do you take self referrals?
Self-referrals are accepted, as well as referrals from both GPs, consultants and other healthcare professionals.

Cancellation Policy

I value your time and endeavour to start and finish sessions on time, unless there is an emergency. In order to get the most from your appointment, please arrive a couple of minutes before your appointment is due to start so that we can get started on time. I am unable to extend appointments if you attend late as another client may be waiting.  Appointments will be 50 minutes in total and if you would like a longer appointment slot please let me know.

As you will be given a protected time slot, it means I cannot offer this appointment to anyone else. I would ask you to ensure that you keep me informed of any upcoming holidays or other commitments you are aware of so that your appointment slot can be allocated appropriately.

If you cancel your appointment with more than 72 hours’ notice, there will be no charge. I am rarely able to fill a cancelled session unless I know at least 72 hours in advance.  If you cancel less than 72 hours’ notice then there will be 50% charge for the appointment and if less than 24 hours’ notice then full payment will be required. Please note part of the cancellation fee covers the cost of room hire requested by Peel Psychological Consultancy.